One thought on “Billy is trying to pretend he’s independent now

  1. Federalist Barr is more then willing to continue to do Trumps dirty work, but only if he can do it in the dark like the snake that he is. (See Michael Cohen)

    Because Trump “can’t keep his mouth shut” (see John Kelly) it’s becoming “impossible” for Barr “to do his job.”

    Crime boss Trump tweets daily about all of the dirty deeds that the corrupt Barr is performing at his request.

    Barr warned the Crime Boss yesterday that if he continued to tweet then everybody’s cover would be blown and the entire sordid operation would be forced to shut down because of public pressure.

    The New York La Cosa Nostra Commission warned both crime boss Joe Columbo and John Gotti to shut up and sit down.
    Both men ignored the Commission’s advice.
    Joe Columbo was assassinated and John Gotti died in prison.

    Keeping that history in mind, should we take Speaker Pelosi’s advice and pray for Crime Boss Trump?

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