Coronavirus roundup

One thought on “Coronavirus roundup

  1. The first reported cases of coronavirus in the New York Metro area were in New Rochelle.
    New Rochelle is a predominately Jewish area which suffered some bad luck.

    Just like China suffered some bad luck getting the first ever coronavirus cases in the world.

    Of course you might believe that China purposely released the virus into the world for some nefarious purpose and the Jews of New Rochelle were either duped by the Chinese into being carriers or with malice aforethought they willingly partnered with the Chinese to “rule the world” by “wiping out Whitie” like Trump and his followers seem to think.

    Such ridiculous conspiracy theories are racist, zionophobic, and are completely idiotic explanations for the current virus apocalypse.

    If Charlie Manson were alive today he’d be a Trump supporter.

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