One thought on “Say what?

  1. It’s painfully obvious that our for-profit health care system will collapse unless billions of taxpayer dollars are injected into it very soon.

    For decades Republicans and other deficit hawks have been starving government subsidized health care programs like Medicaid and Medicare of much needed funds.
    These Capitalists have even succeeded in defunded some critical health care programs altogethe.

    After the Military Germ Warfare Center at Fort Riley, Kansas unleashed the “Spanish Flu” in 1917-1918, which killed 500,000 Americans and 50 million people worldwide, it became clear to the general public that the US health care system needed to be reworked and redesigned in order to save lives.

    At that time Progressives began calling for a universal health care system to replace the for-profit system.

    It’s now a hundred years later and the Capitalists have managed to keep their for-profit health care system mostly intact, while sick Americans are put into tents or hotel rooms to recover or die instead of into well equipped buildings that are properly staffed.

    Medicare For All

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