One thought on “Austerity bandits

  1. Joe Biden’s Neo-liberal impulses (NAFTA) have lead him to conclude that at this point in the pandemic COBRA needs to be expanded to assist the unemployed.

    Biden’s recommendation is a political solution which won’t help the unemployed, but it certainly will enrich the for-profit health insurance industry.

    A Progressive like Warren, a white woman, would alternatively conclude that the way to help the unemployed, the poor, and the homeless would be to legislate Medicare For All.
    That way every American would have health care during a pandemic.

    We have 4% of the world’s population and 25% of the coronavirus deaths.
    Clearly our current health care system is dysfunctional and overpriced.

    Which brings us to Governor Cuomo of New York who complained over the weekend that “not enough New Yorkers are taking the (coronavirus) test.”
    First of all it costs money to take the test and people who are unemployed and without health insurance can’t afford to take the test.
    Secondly, it’s not as easy for all New Yorkers to take the test as it was for Cuomo to take it on stage in front of a tv audience over the weekend. For the average person it involves getting on a packed subway, going some distance away from home, etc.
    Thirdly, Cuomo was slow out of the gate on the pandemic and continues to be out of touch.

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