One thought on “Here we go again

  1. This is just more Republican distraction because they’re crashing in the polls along with Trump.

    Joe Biden attended a fund raiser on Tuesday and said, “My commitment to Israel is absolutely unshakeable.”
    So no matter what Israel does, legal or not, you’re with them Joe? (UN Resolution 242.)

    “Criticism of Israel’s policy is not anti-Semitic. But too often that criticism from the ‘Left’ morphs into anti-Semitism,” claimed Joe.
    What’s your definition of “the Left” Joe?
    Isn’t it true Joe, that defining “anti-Semitism” is much like defining “pornography?”
    You’ll know it when you see it right Joe?

    Joe went on, “The Palestinian Authority has to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist—-as a Jewish State.”
    When did Israel become a “Jewish State’ Joe?
    UN Resolution 181 setting up Israel in 1947 doesn’t recognize Israel as a “Jewish State” but as a “State for Jews.”
    Maybe you got confused Joe?

    “Arguably we haven’t heard enough about the Holocaust,” Joe said.
    Really Joe?
    Isn’t the Holocaust more widely recognized then the Beatles?

    Joe Biden is a train wreck.
    But he’s not nearly as corrupt and psychotic as Trump is.
    Vote for Biden.

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