Meet your new DNI

One thought on “Meet your new DNI

  1. Why would anyone in their right mind agree to work for Trump?
    The answer is that they wouldn’t.

    But Ratcliff isn’t working for Trump he’s working for the dangerous warmonger Mike Pompeo.

    The team of Trump and the incompetent and corrupt Mike Pompeo has purposely soured US relations with China over the past 2 years for personal political gain.

    Biden has long been a strong supporter of positive US-China relations.
    Knowing that Biden would probably end up as the Neo-liberals choice to be the Democratic nominee (Bernie was not acceptable), Pompeo and Trump tanked our relationship with China in order to use that rift against Biden in the election.

    There is absolutely nothing that Trump and Pompeo wouldn’t do to win the 2020 election.
    Including going to war with China using manufactured evidence.
    Or instigating violent protests in Hong Kong.

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