One thought on “She’s right

  1. The NYTimes “Afghan bounty” story, fed to the Times by the intelligence community, continues to evolve and expand.

    According to last nights supplement in the Times, the President was casually briefed by scumbag Bolton about the possible “Afghan bounty” scheme in March, 2019.
    A months long investigation was conducted and a supposed pro-Russian, Afghan contractor (drug smuggling warlord) Rahmatullah Azizi was identified as a possible

    Late in 2019 in a “force protection” move, US combat troops were relocated to more secure areas of Afghanistan.
    At about the same time Azizi’s compound was raided and his relatives were arrested and questioned about Azizi’s possible involvement in the plot.
    The rumors were that Azizi had fled to Russia leaving $500,000 behind in his compound.
    Trump received a printed After Action Report about the matter in February, 2020.

    So within 8 months a suspected “cash bounty” plan had been discovered and neutralized in the Afghan war zone.

    Where is the “dereliction of duty” that Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats keep talking about?
    And why are the Democrats so “concerned” about Trump being Putin’s poodle?
    After all Tony Blair was Bush’s poodle.

    The real problem in all of this isn’t Trump, it’s the war in Afghanistan.

    Trump wants to end the war in Afghanistan and the Neo-liberals want to keep fighting the Afghan War well into the future.

    Why won’t the Democrats stop funding this brutal and illegal war and bring our troops home?
    Or at least raise the issue?

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