GOP releases covid relief proposal

One thought on “GOP releases covid relief proposal

  1. The Republicans have also stuck a “hold harmless” section into it’s bill.

    The Republicans don’t want the police to be held accountable financially for their misdeeds on the job.
    So legislation was passed 30 years ago limiting their personal liability.

    Now Moscow Mitch and the Republicans want to extend those limited liability protections to for-profit businesses using the coronavirus pandemic as their excuse to do it.

    Capitalists like a sure thing because they’re risk averse.
    They fight like hell against any variable which will reduce their profits.
    A fair wage for example.
    Or a safe working environment.

    So if Moscow Mitch offers them the opportunity to escape financial and criminal responsibility if someone were to get injured or sick at their unsafe workplace by using the coronavirus as an excuse, they’ll take it all day long.

    If the Democrats go along with this Republican outrage then they are a part of our problem as well.

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