In the clutch

It helps to have Joe Manchin leading this fight:

One thought on “In the clutch

  1. It would be more helpful if Moscow Mitch and Speaker Pelosi ended their vacations and called Congress back into session so that our representatives could take care of the money problems that the post office is currently experiencing.
    We also need Congress to pass another coronavirus relief bill while they’re back in town.

    Why after 5 long months do we still have a shortage of coronavirus test kits, especially the 15 minute spit test kits?

    Testing, contact tracing and quarantine is what every credible expert claims is necessary to control Covid-19.

    If all public, charter and private schools were open, we could take the temperature
    of every student before they entered the building.
    Those found to have a temperature could be separated and given a spit test.
    If a student tests positive twice within 24 hours they can be quarantined and contact tracing begun.
    If schools had sufficient tests available, like the WH and professional sports teams seem to have, we could quickly “bend the curve.”

    Our current testing system is failing and failing badly.
    It’s too random and de-centralized to be of any use at all.

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