This may be our future

Their president has asked Putin to intercede, and if he does, it will get much worse:

One thought on “This may be our future

  1. Belarus was virulently anti-communist and anti-semitic so it was willingly occupied by the Nazis during WWII.
    It’s understandable that Russia wanted to control the country after the Nazis were defeated in 1945.

    But it’s 2020 and the people of Belarus have had enough of the 26 year reign of the Russian puppet and dictator Alexander Lukashenko as well as Russia’s interference in its internal affairs.

    The people of Belarus want free and fair elections, and an end to corruption and the abuse of power.
    But most of all they want the Russian’s to treat them as a sovereign nation.

    Unfortunately both Obama and Trump moved additional NATO forces along the Russian border, deployed missile defense systems in various front-line countries, and failed to control the outbreak of Fascism in Europe particularly in Hungry and Poland.

    Therefore the Russians don’t trust that what’s happening in Belarus hasn’t been cooked up by the CIA, as it was in Syria, and their taking a hardline against the protestors.

    And Trump, who at this point in his tenure would love to start a war with somebody, is egging the Russians on.

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