One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Moscow Mitch’s “skinny” coronavirus relief bill went down in flames yesterday 52-47.

    The Republican Party doesn’t want to spend another thin dime on coronavirus relief.
    They don’t care one little bit about the 20 million American workers who are still furloughed or now unemployed through no fault of their own because Trump did nothing for almost 2 months to mitigate the severity of the coronavirus.

    What Republicans do care about is defeating the “Democrat Party” so that they can ram through another trillion dollar tax giveaway to the rich.

    Yesterday Moscow Mitch and the Republicans gave the middle finger to every American who is struggling to make ends meet while they bury 193,000 victims of the virus.

    Republicans should pay a stiff price on November 3, for their anti-Christian and un-American policies.

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