One thought on “Funny, how fascists all think the same

  1. The people voting for Trump, the “rugged individualists,” keep telling us that they believe in the Constitution but, they do not.

    These mostly white, Christian, gun-owners have never bought into the concept of the “collective” which is clearly written into the Constitution.

    “We the people,” “form a more perfect union,” “the collective welfare,” does not mean that it’s every man, woman and child for himself.

    These anti-Constitutional misfits and outlaws are the Republican Party’s bread and butter.

    They will vote for Trump not because they love him, because they don’t.
    They will vote for him because by doing so they believe that they are sticking their collective finger into the eye of the “socialist, communist, liberal, Democrats.”
    “F-’em” is their motto.

    The Republican Party is responsible for giving a voice to these un-American, right wing, anarchists and disruptors.

    The only good Republican is a defeated Republican.

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