Can’t even keep up with his crimes

There’s so many, I’m overwhelmed:

One thought on “Can’t even keep up with his crimes

  1. As it turns out Republican Mueller never had any intention of discovering the extent of Trumps crimes.

    Republican Mueller never investigated the extent to which Trump had a personal and business relationship with Putin or what that relationship entailed.
    Was there any hanky panky?

    Republican Mueller claimed that he didn’t bother to investigate Trumps lawlessness with the Russians because, “You can’t indict a sitting president.”
    That isn’t in the Constitution, it’s a DOJ rule by the way.

    Pelosi must have known what Republican Mueller was up to, and what he was not, which is why she refused to hold impeachment hearings.
    Of course the House could have held its own investigation into Trumps criminal behavior with Russia, but did not.

    Trump has had a “Never go to jail free” card for the past 3 1/2 years now.

    Who gave it to him and why?

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