One thought on “He’s such a tool

  1. Moscow Mitch and the Republicans have obviously come to the conclusion that they will lose the Senate and the presidency BIG on November 3.

    So as a parting gift, the Republicans have decided to nominate, and confirm, the most radical, right wing judge available to replace the notorious RBG before the election.
    (There, take that you f***in Socialists.)

    It is the duty of the Democrats to savage whoever Trump nominates for the good of America. Then savage a second choice if necessary.
    If their nominee(s) fails then the Republicans fail. On all fronts.

    The Constitution does not bar the “religious” from serving on the Supreme Court.

    But, an extremist of any stripe, or gender, is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

    “Liberals” are not looking for neutrality on the court.
    But they are demanding impartiality.
    By definition an extremist is incapable of being impartial about anything.

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