One thought on “Sigh

  1. Moscow Mitch is calling Democrats “a disgrace” for questioning Amy Coney Barrett’s religious extremism.

    The disgraceful hypocrite Moscow Mitch claims to be a Christian and a patriot (he spent 6 weeks in the military in 1967 before getting a medical discharge) when in fact he loves privilege and power far more then he loves justice and fair play.

    The disgrace is that right wing loser Moscow Mitch would rather see Americans be evicted, go hungry and become sick then compromise his pro-Capitalist, anti-worker beliefs.

    Moscow Mitch pretends to be a Christian, yet he remains silent while Trump tortures children in detention camps along our southern border.
    That is a disgrace.

    Now Moscow Mitch is trying to jam through the nomination of the religious zealot and political extremist Amy Cony Barrett when 46% of the American people want her nomination voted on after the election.
    42% want her confirmed before the election.
    56% want Barrett to recuse herself from any matter that should come before the Court related to the election.

    Moscow Mitch is a greedy, dishonest, anti-democratic autocrat just like his un-American pal Trump.
    These two are a disgrace to America.

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