Imagine that

As I was saying today, I’ve been tracking this crap for 17 years and I know bullshit when I see it:

One thought on “Imagine that

  1. “Corrupt Hunter” is the right wings version of the Neo-liberal chant “Russia, Russia, Russia” back in 2016.

    We’re all accustomed to the river of lies that flows from the mouths of the FOX talking heads.
    We’re also aware that the FOX prime time lineup of Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham is simply a collection of Fascist propagandists and ideologues who speak for Trump.
    But among all of the right wing lunatics at FOX, Greg Gutfeld is the most deranged of them all.
    This Neanderthal is a creature from the black lagoon.

    How Gutfeld managed to convince himself, and now Ingraham, that if Joe Biden wins the presidency America will collapse, can only be explained by tracking the evolutionary degeneration of the mind of Charlie Manson. What Ingraham has going on in her tiny little, racist mind is anybody’s guess.

    Gutfield belongs to a cult of one. (Or two if you count Ingraham.)
    Similar in many respects to the cults of Charles Whitman, Patrick Crusius and Stephen Paddock.

    Gutfeld should be watched very closely by the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA because the guy is truly nuts.

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