The game plan

Is, of course, austerity. And as far as ‘unserious’ goes, #MoscowMitch just tried to get a goldbug appointed to the Federal Reserve board.

2 thoughts on “The game plan

  1. “Starve the beast.”
    “Make the government so small that you can drown it in a bathtub.”
    It’s the same old song….

    The warmongers sure are pissed off that Trump is trying to end some of the endless wars in the Middle East.
    Moscow Mitch doesn’t seem to mind going into debt so that we can keep fighting these wars.

    The warmongers are running around with their hair on fire screaming that the “Sky is falling. The sky is falling.”
    Could it be that the Military Industrial Complex is feeling the noose tightening around it’s scrawny, little, greedy neck?

    It’s a sin, and a shame, that so many Democrats continue to support the endless and costly wars in the Middle East.
    That group includes Senator Chris Coons (DE).

    Coons is one more Neo-liberal warmonger being considered for a Biden cabinet post.
    In Coon’s case Biden wants to make him the Secretary of State.

    When will Biden be getting around to putting a few Progressives in his cabinet?

  2. Said goldbug may win confirmation if and when Grassley and Scott get well enough to vote. She’s the first overt act of sabotage of the Biden administration by the Republicans, and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

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