One thought on “Capitalism

  1. 71% of Americans have said in poll after poll, over half a decade, that they want Medicare For All.

    So what’s the problem? Or rather who’s the problem?
    Politicians from both political parties obviously.

    Moscow Mitch and Joe Biden do not want a universal health care system even though 71% of Americans do.
    They are obstructing the will of the people in order to continue to receive campaign contributions from Big Pharma and from the for-profit health insurance industry.

    Any politician worth their weight in spit can get a $15 dollar minimum wage passed.
    That’s low hanging fruit.

    But Medicare For All is a heavy lift.
    Except for the fact that 71% of the public wants it done and that includes lots of Republicans.

    Both Republican and Democratic politicians are playing the role of obstructionists on the issue of Medicare For All, and they should pay a price for frustrating the wishes of 71% of the voters.

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