He’s right

We can’t let them off the hook.

One thought on “He’s right

  1. There’s letting them off the hook and then there’s letting them off the hook.
    It would be more reassuring to see a full bill of particulars of Trumps criminality before we begin acting like a third world country.

    We have an immediate problem in Georgia and that should leap to the head of the line of things to do.

    Does the ex-Confederate (we hope) state of Georgia have the worst and most corrupt election system in the country?
    Maybe that’s Louisiana?

    Perhaps Georgia has been Blue the whole time, but the only way to beat the good old
    boy system was to “pay up?”
    Stacy Abrams simply overwhelmed that system with thousands of new voters.

    Georgia has some serious voter suppression and election corruption issues that need to be resolved.
    Think Mafia-like construct.

    This is a twilight battle (Gotterdammerung) in Georgia that requires all hands on deck to fight.

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