One thought on “Isn’t that nice

  1. Trump has instituted a scorched earth policy against all of his real and perceived enemies and Biden is one of those.

    Biden will get 14+ million more votes then Hillary got in 2016 (80 million v 66 million).

    Neo-liberals (center-right, Capitalists) would have us believe that a majority of those ‘additional’ votes came from Black voters and disaffected suburban voters who voted ‘against’ Trump.
    By the way those disaffected suburbanites also voted for every other Republican on the ballot.

    In fact, the bulk of those ‘additional’ votes came from Progressives and the Left who wanted an end to Trump and were willing to hold their noses and vote for the Neo-liberal Biden.
    Speaking mathematically, there weren’t enough ‘new’ Black and suburban voters to overcome the ‘additional’ 11 million votes that Trump got in 2020 (174 million v 163 million).

    Progressives and the Left beat Trump, saved the House, and may end up handing the Senate to the Democrats on January 5, in Georgia.

    The Democratic Party Establishment (Neo-liberal, Capitalists) owe the “Socialists” respect, consideration and deference.

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