One thought on “Biden wins again

  1. After looking at all of the available data it appears that Biden will win again and again and again, right up until he’s sworn in at noon on January 20.

    That said, Biden’s choice of people to run stuff for him leaves a lot to be desired.

    Neera Tanden is a center-right, Neo-liberal whose thinking aligns more with the Republicans then it does with Progressive Democrats.
    Tanden is an awful choice to be the next director of the OMB.

    As Defense Secretary Michele Flournoy would be a disaster and so would Lloyd Austin.
    Jeh Johnson would be acceptable. Barely.

    At CIA none of the names put forward is a viable choice for many, many reasons.
    Unless, of course, you’re big into the Black Arts and militarism.
    Biden might just as well keep the torturer Haspel in her job.

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