But she’s so indignant!

How could anyone think she did anything wrong?

One thought on “But she’s so indignant!

  1. Like father, like daughter, and son and in-laws and employees, etc.

    Let’s hope that Ivanka is practicing all of the coronavirus protocols.

    Those who analyze such things tell us that the Covid-19 pandemic is closely mimicking the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.
    The 1918 pandemic took the lives of 675,000 Americans.
    The experts project that the coronavirus will have killed 575,000 Americans by April, 2021.

    The experts also tell us that with the introduction of a vaccine, which provides 4 months of protection, the virus should burn itself out by the spring of 2021.
    The 1918 Spanish Flu burned itself by the spring of 1919.

    There’s a lot of political theater going on these days.

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