4 thoughts on “Keep an eye on this bitch

  1. (semi)Proud Coloradan here, just like Lauren Boebert. This is the ignoramus who says she will carry her weapon on the streets of DC and into the chamber of the House. In the larger sense, like Trump she’s not actually the threat. Rather, it’s the multitudes who elected her.

    “In ad, lawmaker vows to carry her Glock around D.C. and on Hill”


    Colorado is purple, trending strongly blue with bright red stripes. If you are in Rifle, CO and venture into her bar, Shooters Grill, you better be carrying. Because all the staff and other customers are and they don’t like liberal pussies. Or anyone else that doesn’t come from the same planet they do.

    OH, BTW, don’t forget to be nice to her so we don’t mess up Uncle Joe’s plan to bring bipartisanship and moderation back to government and unite the country under the banner “Nothing will change.” Just like Barry did. Not.

    Delusional, but totally not unexpected from the impotent Democratic party. We’re f**cked.

  2. It was offered for unanimous consent, the Republicans blocked it, and now there will be a roll call vote Wednesday or Thursday.

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