One thought on “Denial

  1. What if Trumps coup had been successful and his seditious insurrectionists had assassinated both Pence and Pelosi?
    Crossing a crime boss is a dangerous game because he’ll put a hit out on you.

    Which brings us to coup plotter Mike Pompeo who is every bit as narcissistic and vindictive as Trump is.
    In his last days, warmonger and coup plotter Mike Pompeo is placing as many landmines in Biden’s path toward a more sane and safe foreign policy as he can get away with.

    Yesterday Pompeo placed Cuba on the Terrorist Watch List to try and derail Biden’s plan for outreach with that country.
    Coup plotter Pompeo also declared the Houtis in Yemen a terrorist organization in order to try and derail Biden’s plans to reengage Iran in talks on the 6-party nuclear agreement that Trump ripped up.

    Biden needs to reverse Mike Pompeo’s foreign policy completely and cancel all of his directives and agreements.
    Especially those that he allowed Kushner to make with Israel.

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