Pennsylvania, land of giants

Photo by Olivia Connell on Unsplash

Moral giants, that is:

One thought on “Pennsylvania, land of giants

  1. Yesterday Moscow Mitch said that he would not be a party to any piece of legislation that contained “Liberal symbolism.”
    What the f*** is “Liberal symbolism?”

    Medicare For All?
    A $15 dollar an hour minimum wage or or a direct wage subsidy for every worker? (A modified Andrew Yang plan.)
    Debt forgiveness for students?
    Police accountability?
    An end to institutional gender and race bias?

    F*** Moscow Mitch, the Republicans, and the 148 seditionist, traitors still sitting in the US Congress.

    Forgetabout unity and power sharing Joe and Chuck, just “git-r-done” with ’em or without ’em.

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