One thought on “Brace yourselves

  1. Speaking of coming hurricanes; officially the US has 2500 troops in Afghanistan, 2500 in Iraq and 7300 in Washington, DC.
    There is something worn with this picture on so many levels.

    All US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq should be withdrawn immediately.
    The UN should request permission from both Afghanistan and Iraq to invite UN Peacekeeping forces into their countries.
    That would free up the Afghan and Iraqi militaries (which the US has been training for 20 years at the cost of $160 billion) to eliminate domestic terrorism and re-establish the rule of law.
    The US/NATO wars must end now.

    The United States should immediately re-establish negotiations with Iran and re-join the Iran nuclear deal.
    All of Trump and Pompeo’s punitive economic boycotts and sanctions placed against Iran should be lifted and the US should apologize for Mike Pompeo.

    And all of the troops in Washington, DC should be sent home today.
    Tomorrow the 12′ foot high fence topped with razor wire surrounding the Capitol complex should be removed.

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