2 thoughts on “‘People are saying’

  1. Ms. Psaki knows her job. Of course it’s pretty simple, all you do is tell the truth and don’t waste your time and breath on idiots.

  2. The Republicans have 4 days to increase their laughable $600 billion offer to $1.9 trillion or the Democrats will pass, and should pass, Biden’s Covid-19 relief bill next week.

    The average American needs a tax cut or an income subsidy or whatever you’d like to label it in the form of a direct payment of $1400 per person.
    Trump and the Republicans gave the wealthy a much larger tax cut than that when they were in charge.

    Cities and towns need billions to make up for the lost tax dollars and fees that they experienced during the multiple mandatory virus lockdowns.
    Trump gave lots of corporations monetary assistance for the revenues they lost during the various lockdowns.

    The Covid-19 relief bill should not include a “get out of jail free” card for corporations ehich Moscow Mitch keeps demanding.

    The Republicans dispatched 10 “moderates” to peddle their dumb ideas in public in order to stall Biden’s relief bill and for no other reason.
    “Don’t get fooled again” Democrats.

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