One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Should Alexey Navalny die from anything—a bullet to the head, Covid-19, whatever—the Russian people will explode in rage.

    The longer Navalny remains in jail the larger his following will become.

    If Navalny is released from jail he’ll quickly build a massive and diverse coalition that will take Putin and his corrupt gang of oligarchs down.

    When Putin attempted and then failed to kill Navalny he sealed his own fate.
    If you try to chop the head of the snake off, you’d better succeed or the snake will coil and strike back.

    How long it will take to dislodge the criminal Putin and his gang of corrupt thugs is an unknown unknown, but it won’t take long.

    The underlying issue that the Russian people must solve regardless of who takes Putin’s place, is Russia’s institutional corruption.

    Which is the very same problem that we here in America must solve. And soon.

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