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I could get used to this competence thing. I’ll admit, I still wake up wondering what the Orange Asshole did now, and then I remember he’s not president any more. I’m still kind of tense and jittery. But it gets a little better ever day.

Yeah, the media has reverted to form. Several nothingburgers served up as scandals this week by Your Librul Media, but we’re used to fighting that particular battle.

Once the impeachment’s over and the first indictment is served, I can probably let down my guard. How about you?

One thought on “Transitioning

  1. Will the Republicans vote to convict Trump once his Senate trial ends?
    Of course not.

    Not because the traitor Trump isn’t as guilty as sin, every Republican knows that he is, but because the Republicans themselves are complicit in convincing Trump and the Republican “mob” that ‘yes, the Democrats stole the election from Trump and the “mob” should be as angry as they want to be.’
    5 were killed.

    The Republicans in Congress are degenerate, liars whose only goal in life is to remain in office for as long as possible.
    They cater only to wealth, privilege and power.
    The Republicans couldn’t care less about the welfare of the 99% or of maintaining our democratic-republic.
    If they did they wouldn’t right now, today, be trying to suppress the vote by passing restrictive legislation in a dozen Republican led states.

    The fat lady will never sign until the Republican Party is in ashes.

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