2 thoughts on “What is it with these GOP nut jobs?

  1. Governor Noem is just one more lunatic Evangelical Christian elected to office by Republican Know Nothings.
    Yesterday another of them, right wing clown Claudia Tenney declared victory in NY 22 after defeating Democrat Anthony Brindisi by 123 votes. (Pelosi’s shrinking base.)

    At the moment the Republican Party has no leadership.
    Moscow Mitch, John Cornyn, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise are leading nobody.

    The Trumpites aren’t listening to anybody except Trump.
    Every other elected Republican has become a free agent trying to figure out how best to survive.

    The Republican Party has become a dysfunctional sideshow.
    Does anyone really care if the party crashes and burns.

  2. On answer right wing lie machine. The country need an absolutely unshakable law about lies in the media.

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