He’s right

One thought on “He’s right

  1. Republican leadership condemned QAnon Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, although she remains a member in good standing in the Republican Party.
    The leadership (oxymoron) of the Republican Party should have stripped Greene of her committee assignments and then thrown her out of the Republican Party

    But what about the other QAnon Republican sitting in the House, the Colorado “gun lady?”
    Lauren Boebert is every bit as crazy and dangerous as Greene is and nobody is talking about her.
    Lauren Boebert should be stripped of her committee assignments and thrown out of the Republican Party as well.

    Then there’s the matter of the House Republican Freedom Caucus which mostly agrees with QAnon and Greene that the “hate America Democrats” are never satisfied.
    These anti-American Republicans like Jim Jordan (OH), Mo Brooks (AL) and Scott Perry(PA) gave Greene a standing ovation yesterday in their closed-door meeting.

    The Fascist Republicans believe that Socialists and Communists are the scourge of the earth and must be naturalized.
    They also believe that the Democrats (Jews and their sympathizers) are Socialists and Communists.
    Greene, Boebert, and the Republican Freedom Caucus all believe that.

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