They just kept feeding it

One thought on “They just kept feeding it

  1. Fascist, oligarch Rebekah Mercer is another one.

    Mercer invested millions into Parler using the Mercer hedge fund, which gave her control of Parler’s content.

    Parler, like Breitbart (Bannon, Flynn, Stone, etc.), is owned by the Mercer’s and they are still in love with Mussolini’s brand of Fascism.
    Both Evangelical Christian and Roman Catholic Fascists believe that Socialists and Communists are dangerous enemies who must be dealt with in a brutal way.
    These anti-Christian and anti-Communist extremists also believe that Democrats are Socialists and Communists who are never satisfied.

    This virulent and deadly strain of anti-Semitism and racism infecting the oligarchs who keep the Republican Party, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the 3 Percenters, the Boogaloo Bois, the Freedom Caucus, etc. alive with their money and their hate filled rhetoric must be exposed for what they are.

    Julie Jenkins the Publix heiress, the Mercer Family, the Sinclair Family, the Koch’s, and the others are all a clear and present danger to our democratic-republic.

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