Marge yanked from her committees

And 11 Republicans voted to do it, too!

One thought on “Marge yanked from her committees

  1. QAnon Kevin and Moscow Mitch….what a pair.

    Yesterday’s House vote to disown QAnon crazy person Marjorie Taylor Greene, officially transformed the Republican Party into the QAnon Party.

    The Fascist Freedom Caucus now controls the House Republican caucus lock, stock, and smoking gun.

    Who controls the Senate Republican caucus is anybody’s guess.
    It can’t be Moscow Mitch because he’s already left the building.

    The leaders(?) of the new QAnon Party seem to be Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Fascist Freedom Caucus, the Fascist Federalist Society and the criminal, traitor Trump.

    Ding, Dong the GOP is dead; long live King Q.

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