Car purgatory

By: Mike Mozart

I haven’t gotten my car fixed, because I just couldn’t bring myself to spend another thousand bucks on this black hole of a car. My ex-BIL offered me an old Honda Accord, and I’m going to take the money you all donated and pay for the parts (he probably won’t get to it before April).

So instead of the new horn ring, the mechanic rigged up an alternative horn. Since he put that in, the car battery keeps going dead. (It’s only two years old.) In fact, it happened again yesterday, right when I was leaving to go get my first covid shot.

Which is how I took my first Uber ride. I now understand the appeal — I live a half-mile away from the largest cab service in the city, and it takes me up to an hour to get a cab. Uber? Five minutes.

So now I have to call AAA again, get it charged, and drive it directly to the mechanic. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

2 thoughts on “Car purgatory

  1. When I got a small inheritance in 2015, after getting my paperwork straight with the authorities, I set out to get Briana and myself some transportation.
    My first thoughts were to get a decade old Honda or Toyota as I know them to be cheap to operate and reliable, (being disabled, I can’t count on being able to work on them any more). I figured that five thousand dollars would do the trick, as last time (2009) it was $3,250 for the Toyota Corolla that the city of Oakland took from us in 2012.
    That’s when my friend Rob told us about a car he had that we might be interested in. He works in a wrecking yard, and is an invaluable resource for all things automotive.
    The car was a low-mileage 1992 Mercedes 190e, the little one, that had been stored for a few years after its elderly owner had crashed it and got too scared of driving to make use of it.
    We got it from Rob for $500 and had to put a radiator and head gasket in it, so about three grand total. It has some problems, but we have driven it across the state three or four times and it still seems to run well for a car of its age.
    It has a fuel pump issue, though, and Rob installed a second fuel pump as an assist, and to power it he ran a wire through the interior and to the cigarette lighter, so it looks Okiefied as hell, but what can you expect for a vehicle of that quality for that little money?
    We may have been better off with the Honda or Toyota, but Briana really likes it, and she’s the driver now, so we try to keep it maintained.
    The first round of apocalypse money we got bought new tires for it, and if we get another round soon, it will get brakes and new coolant hoses. And maybe a fix for the dash lights that don’t work…

  2. So Doug, you know exactly what it’s like! The battery is now fully charged and the problem was the horn switch he installed. He replaced it and it’s no longer drawing power, thank u Jesus! But I canceled tomorrow’s doctor appointment anyway, we’re getting seven inches of snow and I can’t deal with driving in it. Traffic near the hospital is insane under the best of conditions.

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