Conservative asshole alert

2 thoughts on “Conservative asshole alert

  1. Trumpites believe that, “Economics 101 teaches us that markets, not politicians, are the only entities capable of deciding what wages should be.”
    Economics 101 doesn’t teach us anything of the sort, but Republicans do.

    “Factories that employ low-skilled workers will be forced to shut down or move overseas where wages are lower (if we have a $15 an hour minimum wage).”
    No worries here Mr. or Ms. conservative Republican, because that problem was solved 30 years ago when NAFTA was passed.

    “The Democrat health initiative, Obamacare, is a perfect example of the federal government using the force of legislation to circumvent the right of personal freedom,” by forcing everyone to either get coverage or pay a tax.

    The Republicans have convinced their voters that their personal freedom has been impinged upon because some other American, who can’t afford health care, will not be allowed to become ill and die with a Medicare For All system in place.

    “Democrats are using climate control in the process of regulating everything from where we can live to what we can eat.”
    Economics 101 will teach you that where you can live depends upon how much money you have, and what you can eat depends largely on what the farmers in America’s Heartland grow.

    {Quotes are from letters to the editor penned by Sonny Heninger and Richard Riker.}

    The Republican Party is solely responsible for the fraud that they’ve perpetrated on their constituents and must be held accountable by being forced to confront the facts.
    Also known as the truth or reality.

  2. There’s something about the quintessential asshole-ishness of Texans. You just want to kick them in the teeth.

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