By their works, ye shall know them

Mattress Mack is the Houston guy who takes people in to stay at his furniture store whenever there’s a disaster. (This time, his cheerful giving seems to have finally shamed megachurch pastor Joel Osteen into opening the doors of his church, too.)

One thought on “By their works, ye shall know them

  1. Mattress Mack was born in Mississippi and supported the Tea Party movement.
    But it was nice of him to open his stores to prevent people from freezing to death.
    And when times get good, Mattress Mack will probably sell lots of furniture for displaying his good will.

    The Tea Party was rooted in the Federalist ideology.
    Federalism doesn’t seem to be working out all that well in Texas these days.

    Republican Governor Greg Abbott, a Federalist, announced yesterday that any natural gas produced in Texas will stay in Texas until further notice.
    Anybody currently buying Texas gas is up shit’s creek for the moment.

    Abbott was forced to make that decision because the Texas power grid collapsed.
    It looks like the Republicans who’ve been running Texas for decades have turned the place into a disaster area.

    But the people of Texas must be OK with that because Rick Perry said, “The people of Texas would rather sit in the dark and freeze then let the federal government regulate our power grid.”

    The Electric Reliability Counsel of Texas, ERCOT, which controls the power grid, was
    set up in the 1930’s to circumvent the federal governments push under FDR, to regulate the national power grid.

    Since then ERCOT (and the Texas Railroad Commission) have been cesspools of corruption.
    ERCOT has been the golden goose that lines the pockets of criminal profiteers and Republican politicians.
    Think ENRON.

    5 members of the 15 member ERCOT board don’t even live in the state of Texas.
    ERCOT’s chairman, Bill Magness, is paid $880,000 a year for his obviously sub-standard and criminal services.

    The Federalist ideology is a scam.

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