Oh really


One thought on “Oh really

  1. It’s interesting that Cohn is resurfacing 15 year old information.
    Perhaps something more current and relevant would serve us better.
    Maybe the fact that Joe Biden has been in office for only a month and he’s already made a hash out of the Middle East.

    Israel justified starting the 6-Day War in 1967 by claiming the right to “defensively” and “pre-emptively” attack Egypt, Syria and Jordan.
    Biden and his team of warmongers justified their “pre-emptive” missile strike on pro-Syrian militias backed by Iran last week inside Syria as a “defensive” action.

    Biden has thousands of US combat troops stationed illegally in Syria (Assad never invited them in), Iraq (parliament has voted 2x to have all US forces leave the country), Afghanistan (an illegal war) and Yemen.

    The warmongering lunatics running Biden’s foreign policy in the ME have managed in just over a month to blow-up the possibility of any negotiations with Iran, worked hard to wreck the peace deal with the Taliban, insulted Assad and Abdullah II, let the murdering, dictator bin Salman of Saudi Arabia off the hook, and NOT stopped the war in Yemen.

    If Biden wasn’t such a doddering old fool and liar still stuck in the 70’s, he’d fire all of his foreign experts and start all over again.

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