One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. One year on,

    China is 100% up and running and has the only economy in the world which grew last year.
    The US is clanking along at about 60% and an economy which shrank last year.

    About 100,000 Chinese contracted the coronavirus and 5000 died.
    In America 29 million people got sick and 532,000 of them died.

    The Chinese Communist Party took the virus very seriously. Over the top seriously.

    Trump played down the pandemic because he had a re-election campaign to run, super spreader events and all.

    Bolsonaro of Brazil listened to his pal Trump and ignored the virus.
    Today Brazil is a disaster area both medically and economically.
    2000+ Brazilian’s are dying every day, it has a 15% infection rate, it’s hospitals are overflowing, oxygen and ventilators are in short supply, it’s vaccination program is a joke and the winter surge is on Brazil’s doorstep.

    China overreached, badly, the US had a fractured response, and Brazil did next to nothing.

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