2 thoughts on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The US agreed in writing to remove all 2500 US troops remaining in Afghanistan on or before May 1.
    That agreement should be honored.

    Unfortunately the warmongers are out “selling” the idea of tearing the agreement up and keeping the troops in Afghanistan for a “very long time” to come.
    The warmongers are recommending an endless war.

    The warmongers do admit that if Biden follows their advice and rips up the agreement the war will escalate, US casualties will rise, and the Afghan government will splinter.
    Meaning US troops will come under attack from both the Taliban and the break away government forces.

    The time has come to end the wars in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria, bring all of the troops home, and stop listening to the idiot warmongers about anything.

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