One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. A few days ago the USA Today editorial board opined in “Tough choices left on Afghanistan” that the US needs to stay in Afghanistan forever.
    Their editorial states that if we don’t remain in Afghanistan forever, “hard won freedoms for a generation of Afghan women would be lost under a Taliban regime.”

    A recent memo issued by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education and obtained by the Associated Press states that “girls 12 years old and older cannot perform in any public event and that singing at such events is strictly forbidden.”

    That memo was authored by a minister in the current pro-American government of Ashraf Ghani.
    It was not written by the Taliban.

    Every other reason offered by the USA editorial board for staying in Afghanistan forever was nothing but old, debunked, warmed over gruel.
    End America’s longest war now.

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