One thought on “Border problem, or GOP setup?

  1. Many of those lined up waiting to get across the border have been in line for 2 1/2 years thanks to traitor Trump.
    Regardless, the Democrats should have seen this mess coming and the political hay that the Republicans would make out of it. Dumb.

    And one more thing, what citizen wants some foreign country interfering in our national elections? (Although Israel has been doing it for decades.)

    Russia interfered in a big way in 2020 on behalf of traitor Trump by “denigrating” Joe Biden and his family.
    To a much lesser degree Iran interfered on the side of the angels by supporting Biden.

    It seems counter-productive and foolish to treat your “friends” harshly in a situation like this. (Which is probably why nobody ever makes a stink when Israel interferes?)

    Putin and the corrupt mob of oligarchs that he has working for him should be condemned, sanctioned, boycotted, and then tossed into the fires of hell for their interference in our last election.
    The Iranian’s should be treated in the same way that we always treat the Israelis.

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