3 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Art Blakey – Moanin’…

  1. Love your choices in music; also your writing in C & L. Panhandle Slim stuff is good too. Been reading for years but first chance I’ve had to comment.

  2. @ Paul Jordan: Things are a little crazy here in Colorado at present but I 2nd your comment. Although I disagree with Susie’s steadfast support of Hillary, Barry and the Dem party at times, her blog is must read and I love her eclectic musical taste and encyclopedic knowledge of popular music and musicians. I just can’t stomach the drone program (incinerating brown people and animals with death machines as “collateral damage”), and the neo-lib attachment to eternal war, and America as the “exceptional nation.” But she doesn’t write (much) on foreign and military policy so I assume she is not a supporter of the MIC and eternal war, although some people she clearly and steadfastly supports are.

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