One thought on “Our Betsy

  1. “Only the best criminals…….er…….people.”
    Speaking of Trumpite crooks,
    the US Postal Service should be operated as a public utility and not as a quasi-governmental corporation listed on the stock exchange.

    Capitalist, Trumpite and crook Louis DeJoy, who runs the USPS, is demanding that the post office run a profit every year so that it will never again require a Congressional subsidy to stay afloat.

    Every good Capitalist knows that the biggest expense is the cost of labor.
    If you reduce the cost of labor you will increase your profit.

    So DeJoy has decided to cut the payroll in order to increase the profits at the USPS.
    Setting aside efficiency quotients and blah, blah, blah for the moment, what DeJoy is doing is eliminating post office jobs and the people who have them.
    Fewer workers gets you slower mail delivery.

    Yesterday, Capitalist DeJoy announced that it will now take 1 extra day to delivery first class mail.
    By this time next year with DeJoy running the USPS, it may take an extra week to get first class mail.

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