One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The Pompeo/Trump “maximum pressure” campaign (sounds like what Chauvin was up to) against Iran has been an abject failure.
    These two geniuses boycotted, blockaded and sanctioned Iran, believing that doing so would force Iran back to the negotiating table over the nuclear issue.
    It didn’t.
    Iran would rather imitate the actions at Masada then negotiate with the U.S. about anything thanks to the morons Pompeo and Trump.
    The Three Stooges: Pompeo, Trump and Pence, needlessly created a lot of dangerous problems for the US to solve both here at home and abroad.

    It’s time to stop listening to Israel and Saudi Arabia about what’s “best” for America.
    Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are primarily concerned about what’s in their own self-interest and not what’s in the best interest of the US.
    For the US to fight endless wars in the Middle East may be in the in best interest of Israel and Saudi Arabia, but it is not in in the best interest of the US.

    It’s in the self-interest of the US to limit Iran’s access to weapons grade uranium and it’s in the self-interest of Iran for the US to end its boycotts, blockades and sanctions against them.

    The time has come to end the war in Yemen, pull all of our troops out of Afghanistan, and lift the boycott on Iran.

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