2 thoughts on “The end

  1. We’ve spent $2 trillion fighting the War in Afghanistan.
    Rather then stabilizing the Middle East and making it a safer place for the people of Israel to live, U.S. intervention has accomplished exactly the opposite.
    Yet the Republican warmongers (and Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton-Mass.) want to keep fighting this unwinnable war into infinity at an ever increasing cost in American lives and treasure.

    Fortunately Biden has had a death-bed conversion and told the Republican warmongers and the Democratic warmongers (Moulton) to go f*** themselves.

    America’s longest and most asinine war will officially come to an end on September 11.
    The 20th anniversary of 9-11.
    That’s either extremely ironic or a really sick joke?

    Biden is also freezing the 2022 defense budget at the 2021 level.
    So instead of getting that 6% increase in the defense budget that the warmongers had expected, that money will be diverted by Biden into the domestic economy.

    Those two moves, ending the war in Afghanistan and freezing the defense budget, will make the world a safer place and the US more secure.

    Despite what all of the Democratic and Republican warmongers will be saying about it.

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