‘(Blank) will not replace us’

One thought on “‘(Blank) will not replace us’

  1. The military is investigating and rooting out Fascist extremists in the armed forces.
    So why isn’t Congress investigating the Fascist extremists who were behind the January 6 attempted coup?

    Yesterday Pelosi said that she was “open” to a committee investigating the events of January 6.
    Could Pelosi be any less enthusiastic about this matter?
    It’s curious how disinterested our congress people seem to be about discovering who the Fascists were who were trying to assassinate them on January 6?

    What do they already know that they don’t want us to know?
    Why hasn’t Biden, Schumer and Pelosi demanded that a Warren-type commission be formed and tasked with rooting out the facts and making them public?

    “I smell a rotten rat in Denmark.”

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