It’s up to the jury now



3 thoughts on “It’s up to the jury now

  1. Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is taking a lot of heat from Republicans and misguided Democrats for telling Minnesotan’s to “get more confrontational and get more active in the streets.”

    “Confrontational” is defined as being “hostile, defiant, oppositional.”
    You can be all of those things without being violent.

    The Republicans and those confused Democrats would like us to assume, or to believe, that “confrontation” is itself a violent act. (See DeSantis and Florida’s brand new and unconstitutional anti-protest law.)

    Republicans use the language of Big Brother constantly.
    Peace through Strength; War is Peace; the Republican Party is the party of the working class can be confusing.
    But any one with eyes to see, can see what Republicans are actually up to when every anti-Federalist Republican in sight belongs to the Federalist Society.
    Night is day, baby.

    Both the Republican Party and the Trumpublican Party are cancers eating away at America.

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