3 thoughts on “Wow

  1. There were peace talks scheduled to begin this Saturday in Turkey between the US puppet government of Afghanistan and the Taliban.
    Those talks were called off yesterday and the Taliban was blamed.

    Now we know the real reason the talks were delayed until the end of Ramada, in mid-May.
    Biden pissed Turkey off with his genocide announcement.

    Also, US intelligence is claiming that US troops in eastern Syria are being hit by Russian direct-energy attacks.

    Two questions:
    1. Why does the US have several thousand troops operating in eastern Syria without Congressional authorization or Syria’s permission?
    2. When the US acts as an illegal occupying force how do they expect to be treated?

    Biden is lucky those troops aren’t being bombed or attacked with rockets on a daily basis.
    Get those troops out of Syria Joe, and give the oil fields back to Syria.

  2. The elections are scheduled to be held on May 22.
    Fatah (PLO) is talking about postponing them for another 6 months, and Hamas is telling Fatah “don’t you dare.”
    Fatah lost it’s credibility after the death of Arafat.

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