Get rid of them

3 thoughts on “Get rid of them

  1. The January 6 attempted coup was planned, in plain sight, on the internet.

    Our 17 intelligence agencies tracked all of this coup chatter and yet failed to take any remedial action against the coup plotters.

    Why not?

    How far reaching was the attempted coup?
    How much support did the coup get, and from whom?
    Were Manafort, Stone, Bannon, the Flynn brothers, Stephen Miller, Papadopoulos all principles in the coup?

    Why are we not investigating the events that led up to the traumatic attempted coup of January 6?

  2. Their policy is as follows: Provide content that attracts attention to our sponsors’ advertising.

  3. Georgie Porgie makes me want to puke. Total sell-out Clintonite neo-lib hack. Never challenges anyone in a position of power. Every week we get Rahm Emanuel representing everyone left of Attila the Hun. As a certified “f*cking r*tard,” I resemble that. Nice hair, though. Twit.

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