One thought on “Who pays? We do

  1. #1) Imbedded in Biden’s infrastructure (jobs) bill are billions of dollars to be spent developing “advanced nuclear reactors.”
    All nuclear reactors, advanced or otherwise, produce radioactive nuclear waste as a bi-product and that’s a big problem.
    The real cost of building and operating nuclear reactors has been underestimate for decades and that’s another serious problem.
    In short, the proponents of nuclear power are short-sighted and not to be trusted.

    #2) Chevron USA owns the Yadana gas field and pipeline in Myanmar (Burma).
    70% of the profits from the Yadana gas field and pipeline go directly to Myanmar’s military.
    It’s their primary source of financing.
    Chevron USA lobbies on behalf of the Myanmar military in Washington, DC.

    The February coup and the crimes against humanity being committed by Myanmar’s military are being paid for by Chevron USA and sanctioned by Biden and the US government.

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